CScope CS1MX metal detector

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The C-Scope CS1MX is probably the cheapest gold special on the market. The detector operates at a frequency of 17kHz and is a new model for 2016.

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C.Scope CS1MX - the cheapest "gold" detector on the market

The price of the detector now includes a probe cover and an instructional DVD in Czech


The C-Scope CS1MX is the perfect case for a simple analog instrument with great sensitivity and good range. The device responds well to objects with low conductivity (earrings, chains).

Despite its apparent simplicity, it provides maximum performance and in most cases completely exceeds purely digital detectors in its price category. The detector does not suffer from echoes and its response to the signal under the probe is always unambiguous. Thanks to precise discrimination, you can easily filter out iron signals and you will be able to concentrate on the correct identification of the desired targets.
It is very important how C.Scope works with tone modulation. This gives you a chance to discover many nuances in the detector response (as is the case with the most advanced analog devices).

The heart of the detector is a high-quality probe used by most C.Scope detectors. These probes are very light and at the same time waterproof and frost-resistant. Unlike many detectors, C.Scope does not use probe casting technology, where the lower part is prone to damage, but owns patented technology, which is one of the company's most hidden secrets. The low weight of the detector is more than worth mentioning.
C.Scope CS1MX is an uncomplicated analog detector. If you are considering which device to start your search engine career, this is a very suitable choice. You will get the right search habits and a device that has a great price / performance ratio.

If you are not a fan of displays and unnecessary functions, the CS1MX is definitely an interesting choice for you. The device is decorated with simple control of sensitivity and discrimination, durable construction and a favorable price.

Metal detector C.Scope CS1MX electronics control box

Overview of functions

  • Precisely set analog electronics
  • Discrimination settings
  • Very well balanced detector
  • On / Off sensitivity control
  • Headphone input
  • Automatic base tone check
  • Adjustable detector length
  • Low weight

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency 17 kHz
  • Weight 1.15 kg
  • Working temperature from -10 to 60
  • Height from to
  • Power supply 1x9V
  • Standard waterproof probe 8 "20cm

Tests, videos and instruction manual

C.Scope CS1MX metal detector electronics and probe

CScope CS1M metal detector

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