Tesoro Cibola RDS Ultimate metal detector

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Usage type For coins, For searching relics, Universal

Tesoro Cibola ULTIMATE metal detector in a set with a 33cm Ultimate and 23x20 cm probe.

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Tesoro Cibola RDS Ultimate metal detector - maximizing the range with super boost mode and an exceptional 2D probe

You will now receive 33 cm 2D Ultimate probes and a new 28x20cm 2D Tesoro for the detector. Protective covers for both probes, as well as an instructional DVD in Czech and an electronics box cover:

Metal detectors Tesoro - Cibola

Tesoro detectors are manufactured with the greatest possible emphasis on lasting quality. It is no different with the Cibola detector. The construction of the detector is made of aviation duralumin and the probes are made of carbon fiber.

The Tesoro Cibola metal detector is a device working in the classic motion mode with the possibility of tracing using the motionless mode (pinpoiting).
The device also has an adjustable Threshold (basic tone) and the ability to change the operating frequency.

Cibola is, in terms of control, the device as simple as possible. Even a complete beginner can work with it so easily. Like other Tesoro detectors, Cibola is characterized by great discrimination. Everyone must then appreciate the very good sensitivity to small objects with low conductivity and all the other virtues that characterize this successful ultralight detector. So if you are not a fan of digital devices with LCD, Cibola is definitely a detector that is worth trying.

Cibola is a bit of Vaquero, but without the possibility of manual tuning of the soil effect (with Cibola, tuning works in automatic mode). As with Vaquer, you can look forward to great sensitivity and a good range of the detector. Only in places with a large and extreme amount of mineralization in the soil is it necessary to reduce the sensitivity, which makes the detector a bit lost compared to the Vaquer. However, the results of both detectors are very similar in 90% of all localities.

The detector will be appreciated especially by all those who are looking for a universal and accurate detector without sounds and with the most unambiguous answer. Cibola has excellent separation properties and uses the same probes as Vaquero, Tejón and LOBO. Thanks to this, you have an incredible selection for almost every conceivable use.

Overview of functions

  • MicroMax Design
  • Precise discrimination settings
  • Extremely light detector
  • Sensitivity adjustment with the possibility of using a weak signal amplifier at the end of the MaxBoost range
  • Headphone input Jack 6.3mm
  • Adjustable treble strength
  • All Metal - motionless mode
  • Durable design - duralumin construction
  • Adjustable detector length

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequencies 14.3 kHz, 14.5 kHz and 14.7 kHz
  • Weight 1.1 kg
  • Working temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 98 cm to 128 cm
  • Power supply 1x9 V
  • Detector equipped with a new RDS 28x20 cm 2D coil with Kevlar core and Ultimate probe from Detech
  • Warranty: 2 years

Tesoro Cibola metal detector tests, manuals and videos

Test of analog metal detectors up to CZK 10,000 (open by double-clicking)
Instructions for Tesoro Cibola metal detector (open by tapping)

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