Fuji Tecom DNR 18 water leak detector

New purely digital water leak locator. We are convinced that there is currently no better acoustic device on the market!

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The Fuji Tecom DNR 18 water leak detector is a highly advanced digital device of the latest generation. It almost perfectly reduces ambient noise, passing vehicles, etc. In all measurable parameters, it significantly exceeds traditional leak detectors based on conventional filters, but these are not able to filter out intermittent sounds together in a wide frequency band. Let the DNR 18 work and you will no longer have to rely only on your hearing.

You can monitor the detector graph, save measuring points and then evaluate them on your PC. Enjoy a light weight of 500g and a highly sensitive soil microphone and a range of patented technologies that make it easier for you to work in the field.

DNR 18DNR 18DNR 18


Sensitivity: 900 V / G or higher (400 Hz)
Filters: Low level at high level
<100 Hz, 400 Hz
100 Hz, 600 Hz
200 Hz to 800 Hz
400 Hz, 1200 Hz
2200 Hz

Working temperature : -5 C - +55 ° C.
Stored data: Custom levels, Id number of measuring point, date and time. Memory for 250 measuring points
Protection: IP52
Battery : DC 6 V (LR14 1.5 x 4)
Operating time > 24 hours
Dimensions : 163 mm x 76.5 mm x 145 mm
Weight: 780 grams.

Soil microphone
Sensitivity: 0.7 V / g or more (at 400 Hz)
Weight : 500 g

Impedance : 8 ohms
Weight: 420 g

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