Water and non-metallic leak detectors

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Detecting water leaks has never been easier. Choose from our range of reliable water leak detectors. We offer professional brand More

detectors such as Fuji Tecom, Techno-Ac and Fisher. If you are not sure, contact us or visit one of our stores.

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Fuji Tecom NPL-100 non-metallic pipe locator

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A unique device for locating mainly non-metallic pipes.

Fuji Tecom DNR 18 water leak detector

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New purely digital water leak locator. We are convinced that there is currently no better acoustic device on the market!

Fuji Tecom LC-2500 correlator

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Absolute world leader in water leak detection. Fuji Tecom LC 2500 is currently used by the largest water companies in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Fuji Tecom LD-7 water leak detector

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Compact universal water leak detector with easy handling and weight of only 450g.

Fuji Tecom HG-10AII water leak detector

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New version of the very popular water leak detector Fuji Tecom HG-10AII

Success ATP-434 water leak detector

In stock 2 pcs

Liquid leak detector and utility locator in one device!

Fuji Tecom water leak detector LDR 20

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The LDR-20 is more sensitive and accurate than the previous model and is easier to work with. With the LDR -20, leak locations can be found using the audio output, graphically on the LCD and can also be linked to an app.

Technoac TPT 522 utility network Technoac


Locator of metallic and non-metallic pipes, liquid leaks, all in one.

Success AT-407 water leak detector

In stock 2 pcs

Technoac AT 407 water leak Technoac

Fuji Tecom FSB-8D water leak detector


A unique, easy-to-use water leak detector with an emphasis on searching on plastic pipes.

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