Fuji Tecom FSB-8D water leak detector

A unique, easy-to-use water leak detector with an emphasis on searching on plastic pipes.

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Fuji Tecom FSB-8D is a small, compact electronic listening detector for detecting water leaks. Its excellent properties allow it to detect leaks even on plastic pipes made of PVC and PE . However, it can be used just as well on all other types of pipes.

Description of detector functions

1. Leak detection by listening and the value displayed on the LCD.
2. Active NOTCH filter to filter out unwanted interference.
3. Three times more sensitive than the original 2009 model FSB-7D.
4. The detector is supplied with a short listening rod and anti-slip treatment

Features in detail

1. Notch Filter selects specific frequencies and reduces all tips for possible interference.
2. Short contact rod with anti-slip treatment will help you maintain stable contact.
3. Improving accuracy and sensitivity .
Accuracy: twice, compared to the former FSB-7D.
Sensitivity: three times compared to the former FSB-7D model.
4. The detector battery has a unique design that prevents damage when reversing polarity.

Detektor Fujitecom FSB 8D
Detektor Fujitecom FSB 8D
Detektor Fujitecom FSB 8D

Scope of delivery

Short contact rod (100mm)
Hard carrying case
Operating instructions in English / Czech

Technical specifications

Display : LCD (2 numbers from 00 to 99)
Frequency : 100 to 2000Hz
Filter : Notch filter (150, 180 Hz)
Operating temperature range : -5 to +55
Lowest operating voltage : 2.0V (Warning at 2.2V)
Operating time : Minimum 25 hours (Condition: Alkaline batteries, level 99 indication, +25)
Current consumption : 22 mA
Dimensions (amplifier): 60 (H) 84 (D) 207 (H) mm
Weight : 670 g (including all contact rods and batteries)
Power supply : Two AA alkaline batteries

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