Fuji Tecom HG-10AII water leak detector

New version of the very popular water leak detector Fuji Tecom HG-10AII

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FUJI HG-10AII water leak detector

The original version of the HG-10 was highly valued by experts. The improved version of the HG-10AII has undergone a number of innovations and quickly gained a great reputation for its maximum simplicity and efficiency.

  • All buttons were placed in oblique rows towards the user's hand.
  • The large Control knob is designed to be turned with one finger.
  • The large scale is clearly visible and also shows the remaining battery power.
  • An amplifier weighing only 800 g does not exhaust the user at work.


  1. Ground microphone (sensor) equipped with a characteristic Ball to
    wind noise cancellation has a high sensitivity (US Patent 5,959,210).
  2. Lightweight Handset (only 500 g) including sensor minimizes fatigue during
    Search for a leak that can take many hours.
  3. The large meter deflects sensitively and clearly shows the intensity of the noise caused
  4. Ergonomic buttons and a controller located on the instrument panel are designed for one-handed operation.
  5. The lead-free solid phase component is designed to minimize
    malfunctions of the device after long-term use.
Detektor úniku vody Fuji Tecom HG 10A IIDetektor úniku vody Fuji Tecom HG 10A IIDetektor úniku vody Fuji Tecom HG 10A II



    Gain: 590OdB + -3dB


    Low range


    High range


    Operating temperature: -10 ° C +55 ° C
    Current consumption: 70 mA or less (Rear light ON)
    35mA or less (Rear light OFF)
    Source: UM-3 dry battery 1.5Vx6pcs (9V.DC)


    Sensitivity: 0.7V / g or more (at 400Hz)


    Impedance: 8 ohms (stereo type)

    (SIZE and WEIGHT)

    Amplifier: 170 (W) x70 (D) x 103 (H) mm
    1.3 kg including handset and sensor

    Scope of delivery

    Amplifier x1
    Handset with x1 sensor
    Headphones x1
    Soft case for amplifier x1
    Shoulder strap x1
    Portable case x1
    Instructions for use x1

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