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Introducing a new product from the US market that is unlikely to appear anywhere else in Europe. Fisher F75 Plus Pulse

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F Pulse and Digger

Introducing a new product from the US market that is unlikely to appear elsewhere in Europe. Fisher F75 Plus F Pulse is the F75 Ltd V2 detector.0 but without the small 13 cm DD probe and the additional accessories (both unit cases with electronics, probe cap and cap), but with the new pulse tracker Fisher F-Pulse. Thanks to the pulse technology used, this pinpointer has a long range, is waterproof up to 3 meters and does not mind mineralization, including iron ore, basalt, black magnetite sands, beaches and salt water. The set also includes a DIGGER special dagger for finds including a sheath. Fisher F-Pulse in Set with F75+ costs only 2.000,- CZK, which is really GREAT PRICE for one of the absolute best finders on the market today (prices range from 3.500 - 5.000,- CZK) !

The latest version V2.0 takes this now legendary metal detector even further. It brings technological changes and improvements that result in absolutely quiet operation and stability, even at the highest sensitivity settings. This is mainly due to the DST system - Digital Schielding Technology. This anti-noise filter cancels the effects of electromagnetic interference that occurs everywhere in the vicinity of thesources such as TV, telephone and microwave transmitters, train tracks, electric fences, etc. In addition, the DST can be switched on or off according to preference. The second novelty is the addition of a super fast program - process FA, which is characterized by an excellent and unrivalled separation and is designed for searching on the localsites with a high concentration of ferrous waste, i.e. where iron-masked small objects such as coins, jewellery fragments and old artefacts may be found. A useful innovation that will certainly be welcomed and used by most searchers is the FeTone™ function. After the variable 2F tone, 3 more variants with different volume for iron are added, namely 2h (approximately 70%), 2L (40%) and 2o (0%). The last interesting change compared to the current version of the detector is the possibility to adjust the tone pitch for non-ferrous metals not only in ALL METAL but also in DISC mode.

Fisher The F75+ has a new microprocessor providing even higher performance than before and thanks to it offers 2 new programs. The bP Boost Process noticeably increases the depth range (by approximately 20%) and the CP Cache Process is a program designed for finding large deep objects such as chests, boxes, etc. The detector includes a standard 11DD elliptical probe measuring 29 x 18cm.

The search for the smallest objects is made possible by the perfect interplay of the detector's high sensitivity together with the motion-automatic ground effect tuning system. The detector operates at a frequency of 13.33 kHz, which is the ideal frequency for searching for small jewels and coins. Among its greatest strengths are its excellent depth range, great metal resolution and excellent object separation. The large and clear LCD screen offers 4 bar graphs - soil mineral content, confidence of find, object depth and battery status. In addition, the control menu is always in view on the display and help messages appear at the bottom of the LCD when needed.

Another advantage of this detector is its light weight and balance, making it possible to walk around for long periods of time without apparent fatigue. The adjustable aluminium armrest and the comfortable hard rubber grip also contribute to this. The telescopic control rods have robust tightening locks, so there are no noises or creaks when searching. Power is provided by four 1.5V AA batteries, which guarantee up to 40 hours of operation under normal conditions.


  • Logical intuitive menu, visual indicators of important values (ID, mineral content in the ground, signal confidence, depth measurement)
  • 4 search modes: Discrimination, Static All-metal, Motion All-metal and Motionless Pinpoint
  • Backlit display for searching in low light conditions or in the dark
  • Ground tuning: 1/Fastgrab - automatic motion ground tuning. 2/Manual tuning
  • Trigger Pinpoint function - motionless aiming with variable audio tone
  • Light weight, excellent balance, telescopic design including adjustable armrest
  • 11DD elliptical probe (29 x 18 cm)
  • Powered by four AA pencil batteries, operating up to 40 hours

New - DST Technology

  • LCD Serialization
  • 4 Fe Tone levels (2F, 2h, 2L, 20) - 10 tone variations in total, 4 with variable VCO tone
  • Adjustable Audio Pitch in both All-Metal and Disc mode
  • Super fast FA program
  • Warranty 2+3 years (2 years in the Czech Republic and 3 years in the USA)

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