Minelab harness for metal detectors Pro Swing 45

For detector Garrett, Whites, Minelab-detektory, Golden Mask

Designed for maximum comfort and functionality. Minelab innovative W8 system. A revolutionary harness that perfectly transfers the weight of the detector to the whole body

Available from 31. 5. 2023
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Pro-Swing 45 gives you more time in the field.

Minelab , the world's largest manufacturer and technological leader in the field, came to the market at the beginning of this summer with a more or less revolutionary harness for finders with metal detectors Pro Swing 45. The harness perfectly helps to distribute the weight throughout the body. The whole concept of the Pro Swing 45 came from long-term communication with searchers with metal detectors, and although it may seem almost unnecessary to some, a number of very talented engineers were involved in the development of this device.

For Swing 45, it will bring you considerable comfort when searching, a great improvement in comfort and also great functionality. For searchers who have back problems then great relief and again great joy with searching.


8 + 8 Versatility 8 + 8 Versatility

The straps have over 8 adjustment points. The detection device can be connected in 8 different places.
Quick-release R-clip Quick-release R-clip

You can easily switch between detection and digging by moving the clip. Clip for W8 technology connection.
Left & right option Left & right option

Suitable for left-handers and right-handers by simply clicking on the J-struts.
Padded back Padded back

Maximum comfort and better ventilation, extra wide strap and additional padding.
Suitable for all detectors Suitable for all detectors

Universal S-cuff connectable to all detectors - one universal size Simple Velcro construction, the construction allows immediate portability.
Easy setup

Easy setup

The height of the detector can be adjusted with one hand. Pay attention to the correct posture for greater comfort when searching.

W8 Technology:

The construction with ergonomic straps evenly transfers weight from the shoulders, via J-struts, to make your search more pleasant.

W8 Technology:

Instructional video using PRO SWING 45



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