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Nokta-Makro ADVENTURE - SET of accessories

In stock 5 pcs

Discounted Nokta-Makro accessory set in a gift pack

Universal metal detector pouch - Hunter II Equinox, CTX3030

In stock 5 pcs

Universal metal detector case - Hunter II for Equinox 600/800 and CTX3030

Universal bag for metal detectors - Hunter

In stock 5 pcs

Universal bag for metal detectors - Hunter

C-Scope Bag

In stock 5 pcs

Original C-Scope bag designed to transport all detectors.

Backpack Tactical large MFH

High quality backpack with a large entry opening and zippered pocket suitable for multi-day walking. The backpack is designed for all those who are in the field very often.

Backpack US Assault II MFH

A well-made backpack for everyday wear with a zipped main pocket, a small inner mesh pocket and two smaller front pockets also with zipped pockets.

BW combat backpack MFH

An exact replica of a German army combat pack.

Brandit combat bag large

High quality medium sized bag designed to be carried over the shoulder.

Brandit combat bag small

Quality bag designed for shoulder carry.

Backpack Recon II MFH

The perfect backpack for everyday wear. The main compartment closes with two cords and is covered by a top zippered pocket that fastens with straps.

Backpack Recon I MFH

Smaller but spacious daypack with pockets on the side.

Minelab bag Vanquish

In stock > 10 pcs

Minelab bag for Vanquish detectors

Nokta-Makro multi-purpose backpack

In stock 3 pcs

Nokta-Makro multi-purpose backpack

Minelab bag Go Find

In stock 4 pcs

Minelab bag for Go Find detectors

Bounty Hunter metal detector bag

In stock 2 pcs

Bounty Hunter metal detector bag

Minelab bag 2 NEW

In stock 5 pcs

Minelab Carry Bag 2 is designed for all Minelab metal detectors

Garrett backpack

In stock 2 pcs

A black Garrett backpack that can hold any Garrett detector in an unfolded state, including two spools and accessories.

Garrett multi-purpose bag

Last item in stock

Garrett multi-purpose bag

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