SEF probe 38x30cm for Garrett ACE 150, 200i, 250, 300i, 400i and EuroACE

Large probe for Garrett metal detectors for the Garret ACE 150, 200i, 250, 300i, 400i and EuroACE series

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Detech S.E.F

Large 2D probe 38x30cm designed for maximum penetration through the soil. The probe can be used with Garrett ACE 150, 200i, 250, 300i, 400i and EuroACE detectors

It is already a larger probe that can also be used to search for larger objects at depths that cannot be considered when using standard coils. However, the probe loses nothing of sensitivity to small objects. In the range of Garrett metal detector probes, it is definitely the best-selling probe ever.

  • The probe is waterproof
  • Probe cover included

The probe is designed primarily for places that allow movement with such a large coil. You can find the probe test at

photo: Standard probe 9x6,5 "Garret - Detech SEF 38x30cm

Standard probe 9x6.5


A frequently discussed issue is the range of the new Detech SEF series of probes Detech On many websites, you can read about double or even triple range. Unfortunately, this is not true and we can only count on what the laws of physics allow us to do. The table shows the numbers measured during probe tests in France.
I think the results are more than decent! The biggest bonus that the Detech SEF 38x30cm probe Detech bring you when used on the Garrett Ace 150/250 metal detector is greater stability. There, the shift is immediately noticeable when first used.

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