SEF probe for metal detector Fisher F5, GoldBug F19, 11, 22, 44, 30x25cm

A very successful alternative to the basic Fisher 25cm concentric probe.

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Kryt sondy Detech S.E.F

Thanks to its smaller dimensions, the probe has very decent separation properties. It loses nothing in sensitivity and range and is thus a very interesting alternative to the basic Fisher 28cm2D probe. Especially with the Fisher F5 or GoldBug detector, which uses a 25 cm concentric probe as a standard probe, it should move the detector significantly, especially within range.

  • The probe is waterproof
  • Probe cover included

As Fisher makes a new type of connector for Fisher F5 (screw) detectors in the middle of the year, it is necessary to make sure what type of connector you are using. For older types of connectors (plug-in), it will be necessary to solder this connector. (by default, the probes already have a new connector).

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