Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ metal detector

Usage type For gold, For searching relics

Lobo is one of the most famous metal detectors ever. It has been produced in various development versions for many years.

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New Lobo Super TRAQ - a special for offal with maximum reach

You will now receive a new 28x20 cm 2D RDS Tesoro probe, a probe cover, and a set of electronics boxes and an instructional DVD in the set.

Lobo is one of the most famous metal detectors ever. It has been produced in various development versions for many years. The latest version is marked HOT and you can choose whether you want a detector equipped with a basic probe 28x20 cm or 25 cm 2D WIDESCAN. Both probes can handle even the smallest crumb, and thanks to HOT technology, the detector has also been added within reach .

The Tesoro Lobo detector can be written about infinitely about working in extreme soil conditions. It is one of the few VLF devices that can handle ferromagnetic rocks, even if it is partly at the expense of range. Salty sea beaches or soil full of iron is a matter of course for an active, processor-controlled balancing of the influence of the soil.

The detector was originally designed to search for natural gold up to its macroscopic sizes. In European conditions, however, he gained the best reputation in search of small silver and gold coins. It has literally become the standard among detectors for searching for small low-conductivity objects.

Overview of functions

  • Locomotor system with discrimination
  • Active microprocessor-controlled mode for evaluating soil mineralization
  • Electronics box with the possibility of hanging on a belt
  • Precise discrimination settings
  • Very light detector in its class
  • Sensitivity adjustment with the possibility of using a weak signal amplifier at the end of the MaxBoost range
  • 6.3 mm Jack headphone jack and built-in speaker
  • Adjustable treble strength
  • Three automatic modes for searching in different environments: normal soil, alkaline - salt compounds, ferromagnetic rocks - basalt
  • Durable design
  • Adjustable detector length - three-part construction

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency 17.5 kHz
  • Weight 1.4 kg
  • Working temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 98 cm to 128 cm
  • Battery supply 8x1.5 V or 8x1.2 V battery (search time 25 to 35 hours)
  • Standard waterproof 2D probe 28x20 cm RDS
  • Warranty: 2 years

Tesoro Lobo ST HOT metal detector tests, manuals and videos

Tesoro Lobo ST detector test - detector that cannot be crossed (open the test by double-clicking)
Video that is part of the long-term test of the Lobo ST detector (open the video by double-clicking)

Tesoro Lobo ST Metal Detector Manual (double tap open)

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