Tesoro EuroSabre II metal detector

Usage type For coins, Universal

The best-selling Tesoro metal detector in the middle class, now model 2017 with new audio discrimination and a 28x20 RDS probe !!!

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Tesoro EuroSabre II metal detector - four maximum efficient operating modes

You will now receive a new Tesoro 28x20 cm 2D RDS probe with the detector, including a cover, an instructional DVD in Czech and an electronics box cover

Tesoro EuroSabre II metal detector

The Tesoro EuroSabre detector came on the market at the end of 2009. This year, the detector received new audio discrimination and also uses a new RDS coil as standard. The detector has three discrimination modes, precise soil tuning and very low weight. In addition, the new EuroSabre II 2017 model has modifications to the basic PCB, which should bring even greater stability of operation in heavily mineralized soils.

Tesoro EuroSabre II is a successor to the original EuroSabre. The detector has improved behavior and the motherboard has also undergone changes that resulted from using the original version. The detector is intended primarily for European search engines, taking into account certain specific problems that detectors in Europe in many localities solve.

These are mainly interesting shapes of iron, various pads, wrought heads of large nails, etc. For many searchers, it is interesting to be able to assess whether to dig such targets or not. Most detectors either hide such targets in discrimination (some of the most advanced digital detectors) or report them as "color targets". Both may not be useful to searchers. In the BLANK discrimination mode, you will be able to differentiate such goals with a little practice. You will know that this is an iron target, but that it does not report as a normal nail. However, the detector's response will not respond to such a target as a color. You will find exercises on how to do this in the Czech instructions, which you will find at the detector.

The detector has a very good depth range, which was a very pleasant surprise during the first tests. With a detector with a price of up to CZK 15,000, it is definitely at the very top. In the field, it is characterized by very calm behavior, as you are used to with Tesoro detectors.

The detector is designed to search for coins, jewelry and military equipment. But this is a so-called "relic" detector. As is the case with the Tesoro Tejón detector, for example. The device "reads" surfaces very well for a very long time in objects stored in the soil covered with sulfides, etc., which prevent the formation of eddy currents. To sum it up: in the EuroSabre II you will find a very sensitive device with great range, audio discrimination, high sensitivity to small objects, precise soil tuning and a very low weight of approx. 1 kg.

Overview of functions

  • Very precise setting of Ground Balance - suppression of the influence of the soil 3.5 revolutions
  • Three discriminatory regimes
  • MicroMax Design
  • Precise discrimination settings
  • Audio discrimination (deep tone for irons, high for non-ferrous metals)
  • Extremely light detector
  • BLANK mode - discriminating mode for easy identification of irons of interesting shape
  • Sensitivity adjustment with the possibility of using a weak signal amplifier at the end of the MaxBoost range
  • 6.3mm Jack headphone jack and built-in speaker
  • Adjustable treble strength
  • All Metal - motionless mode
  • Durable design
  • Adjustable detector length
  • Battery test

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency 10.6 kHz
  • Weight 1,055 kg
  • Working temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 98 cm to 128 cm
  • Battery powered 1x9V or rechargeable 8.4V
  • Standard waterproof 2D probe 11x8 "(28x20 cm) - carbon core, impact resistant
  • Warranty: 2 years

Tesoro EuroSabre II metal detector tests, manuals and videos

Editorial test of the new Tesoro EuroSabre II metal detector (open by tapping)
Six-month Tesoro EuroSabre II metal detector test (double-click to open)

Instruction manual free to download in pdf format (open by double-clicking)

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